Amasake (non alcoholic Sake)

Chinese Rice wine
Miso Paste

200 grams medium grain rice rice

60 grams of malt rice


One large 3 litre glass jug


Wash the 200 grams of rice grains very thoroughly by scrunching in you hand until the water runs clear..

Soak 200 grams of medium/short grain rice for half an hour

Boil for 30 minutes with 2litres of water

Allow to cool to 40 C (very important, you don't want to denature your Malt Rice with high temperatures).

Mix in the 60 grams of malt rice and leave to stand at room temperature over night in a large sanitised glass jug or similar container.

14 hours later, strain off the rice particles with a sieve.

You will now have a delicous enzyme(amylase) rich white coloured drink. Store in the fridge, serve chilled with a slice of lemon or mix in with a fruit salad. You will soon discover you own tasty combinations.