Miso Paste (many thanks to Mutsuo Hoshido for his recipe)

Chinese Rice wine
Miso Paste

Miso(soy-bean salty paste) is one of very healthy natural foods,and now
getting better and better appreciation all over the world.
Some doctors say that Miso will prevent cancer and others say that Miso
will cure disease caused by radioactive pollution and so on.
Your own Miso is very tasty. We have a saying ""Temae-Miso"".
Direct translation is ""my own way Miso"".

Kome-koji or rice-koji, 1000g(2.2lb)
Salt,300g(0.79lb) to 400g(0.9lb) depending on your taste.
Natural salt will be better taste.



1.Wash and soak the 1000g(2.2lb) soy-beans for about 24 hours.
2.Steam cook the soy-beans at least 3 hours so that the cooked soy-beans
can be easily crushed by week finger pressure between thumb and pinkie.
3.During cooking the soy-beans,well mix the 1000g(2.2lb)Kome-koji with
the 300g(0.79lb) to 400g(0.9lb) salt in the bowl.
4.Mince the cooked soy-beans and then well mix with the Kome-koji-salt
mixture in the bowl.
I used thick polyethylene bag to crush the cooked soy-beans and mix with
Kome-koji-salt mixture.
I put the well cooked soy-beans into to the bag and smash them under my
feet. Mixture with Kome-koji can be done in the bag by the same way.
This is the cheepest way but you have to do good exercise.
5.Make base-ball size soy-bean balls and strongly throw them into the
container one by one so that air in the soy-bean balls can be removed.
6.Further press the soy-bean mixture by hands to completely remove
air in it to prevent unfavorable rotting.
7.Cover the soy-bean mixture with a kitchen wrapping film and then
further cover the film with about 0.2 inch thick salt to prevent
contamination of bacteria..
8.Put the lid and place the container at a cool and well ventilated
place.(Under 15 deg C or 50deg F)
9.In a month,remove the covering salt and kitchen film and well
mix the soy-bean mixture.
If you have found fungi on the Miso,just remove only that part.
Other part is still OK.
10.Again cover them with a kitchen film and salt and further
keep them at the same place as in No.8.
11.Further in three month,conduct the same mixing procedure as the
12.In further around seven month, you can use your own Miso for
your Miso soup or for your other cookings.
Once removed the covering salt,keep your Miso in your refrigerator.
If you continiously keep your Miso further one or two years,you
can get better tasty darker Miso.