Solid Sterling Silver Saxophone Mouthpieces

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Brendan Tibbs combined in 1992 with the internationally acclaimed saxophone mouthpiece designer Ralph Morgan U.S.A.(two generations of experience). They created a superb range of solid sterling silver saxophone mouthpieces. These mouthpieces are limited in production and have a unique identifying number. Each mouthpiece is hallmarked as solid sterling silver and comes with the makers unique stamp.

Over 20 years experience as a goldsmith and saxophone player, including five years studying saxophone and Jazz at the W.A. Conservatorium of Music (WAAPA) has given Brendan and his team the skills to create a range of solid sterling silver saxophone mouthpieces.These mouthpieces are available to the public worldwide at the address shown below or they can be ordered online.

Click here for an image of a very happy client (James Moody)

All Brendan Tibbs mouthpieces are made from solid sterling silver (92.5% pure) which enables players to explore a delightful range of tones previously unavailable to saxophone players and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Silver has long been renowned for purity and clarity of tone and these mouthpieces are free from any form of plating.

Technical Information

Every mouthpiece is cast in one piece (similar to a bell). The metal is directionally solidified in the mold with the Tip being the first point of solidification and the shank the last. This aligns the crystals in the same direction (tip to shank) and makes the silver extremely hard as if it had been extensively hammered. However perhaps the most important property of this crystal alignment is sound is transmitted in one direction only...into the saxophone.

Manufacturing a mouthpiece from silver allows one to create a design that would be overly dark in brass (or gold). The higher frequencies become more pronounced when using silver. Drop a silver ring along side a brass ring onto an anvil and listen to the difference.

We build our mouthpieces exploiting this phenomenon giving rich warm sounds with a bright silver aura. This sound which projects well, is loved by microphones and audiences.

We believe there is no equal to the quality of our mouthpieces. We ask you to try them for yourself.

We make a life-long commitment to our products and consider it our responsibility to repair promptly and inexpensively any damage that befalls our MPCs'. Being free of any plating usually makes repairs or restoration a very straight forward job.



Listen to "Black Coffee Tenor sax solo" played with a Standard Tenor Model #8. It might be necessary to wait a moment for the track to download. Saxophone playing by Brendan Tibbs. The singing by Elaine Seymour.


Listen to Michael Rivera playing a custom studio model #9. It might be necessary to wait a moment for the track to download.

Listen to "I'm through with love" played with a Standard Tenor Model #8. It might be necessary to wait a moment for the track to download. The singing by Elaine Seymour was too beautiful to edit out. Saxophone playing by Brendan Tibbs.

Listen to Damian Denyer testing out a Baritone #9 (130") mouthpiece recorded on the office computer.

    A good sound example of the Large Chamber BRIGHT MODEL Tenor featuring Col Loughnan

    A very talented young player, Simon Friedlander playing a Tibbs Alto #7


Health Considerations, The importance of Sterling Silver

Most health professions will agree that putting a plated metal object in your mouth for any period of time could cause you serious health problems. Plating brass involves an unpleasant cocktail of chemicals, such as cyanide, cadmium and nickel. Every brass mouthpiece has under the gold or silver plate a thick layer of nickel. These chemicals are leached into the mouth and body every time you put a plated object in your mouth. It is not wise to place a plated object in your mouth. The Tibbs mouthpiece is free of any plating and Sterling Silver will also inhibit all bacterial growth.

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How do I order one?

Brendan Tibbs P.O. Box 108
Nedlands, Perth, WA.6909.
Tel: +61 (0)8 9389 1752
Fax: +61 (0)8 9446 6467

Contact Brendan by email or telephone +61 8 93891752 Fax +61 8 93896804 during working hours. ( 9 p.m.USA EST is 9 a.m. Local Time, a good time to call ) We will be happy to help and advise you.

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