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Alto Model:

Medium Chamber

    A full toned alround beauty in the tradition of the great Hollywood Gregory alto MPC. This MPC has a medium chamber with a gentle rollover baffle and concave side walls. A combination of flexibility and warmth with a singing tone makes it hard to resist.
    Tip sizes 5 - 8.




Alto Model:

Custom Studio Professional Model

    This is the bright high projection end of the Alto:If you had a a liking for a Dave Sanbourne type of sound then this is the mouthpiece for you. This mouthpiece is designed for the modern player who needs to project and get heard over the guitar and drums. Tonally this mouthpiece is delightful without the unpleasant harshness associated with the cheaper high baffle mouthpieces.

    Tip size 9.



Tenor Models:

Large chamber Standard Classic Tenor

    For those who love the rich warm luxuriant tenor sounds of traditional mainstream jazz. A mature player will take this MPC any where he/she likes from Webster to Brecker. A slightly smaller double chamber than the traditional Link with a gentle roll over baffle.This MPC is not so touchy on reeds and is easy and responsive .
    Tip sizes 6- 9 .

The Tenor Custom Studio Model


This is a thoroughly modern MPC in the style of the high baffle, high projection MPC. This is for the profession who spends a lot of time on the road or studio and needs to get heard over the electric guitar/keyboard and drums. Microphones love this MPC. Experience ultra high power and projection without sounding shrill or harsh. Suitable for long term professionals and beginners alike.

The design concept for the studio modeI was born from a discussion with Michael Brecker many years ago when he was on his Paul Simon tour. He had a crude example with the plating already coming off and the side walls ground out roughly, however it was enough to test the design concept and the design grew from there into the finest mouthpiece of it's type in the world. Tip Size 9 (110")


Soprano Model:

    A mouthpiece with a smooth round sound, even scale and perfect intonation. This MPC has a 10 mm round throat with a gentle rollover baffle and concave side walls. This one sings, full, dark and fat. No whine or squeal in the tone when playing fast passages ! Tip sizes 4 - 8.


Baritone Model

    A large REAL double chambered flexible mouthpiece for the player who knows the value of a true fundimental in ensemble playing and enjoys soloing.This MPC has a large chamber with a gentle rollover baffle and concave side walls. The table features an epoxy insert that keeps this large mouthpiece at its optimum acoustic weight.
    Tip sizes 6 - 8.

    This mouthpiece is long enough(135mm) to put the much loved old Conn Baritone models comfortably at concert pitch (A440).

All Brendan Tibbs mouthpieces are made from solid sterling silver (92.5% pure). This enables players to explore a delightful range of tones previously unavailable to saxophone players.

These mouthpieces come with a lifetime guarantee. Silver has long been renowned for purity and clarity of tone and these mouthpieces are free from any form of plating.


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