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Streamline Multimedia ( http://www.streamlinemultimedia.com )
Streamline Multimedia specializes in high quality CD/DVD duplication and replication. We offer complete printing and packaging, promotional printing services, web development and many more solutions for businesses, the music industry, and software developers.
Finale PrintMusic: Fast Easy Notation ( http://www.musiconmypc.co.uk/product_info.php/products_id/97 )
Finale's entry level notation software: create and print out sheet music from scratch or any MIDI file. Exceptional quality for the price. Huge range of features including sheet music scanning and MicNotate (direct notation of acoustic instruments)
Virtual Fretboard - Chord and Scale Teaching Software ( http://www.rock-software.co.uk/gruk )
The virtual fretboard can be used to visualise the fretboard of many instruments. Users can add new instruments, tunings, chords and scales.
Music Tech Magazine ( www.musictechmag.co.uk )
Music Tech Magazine is the practical new recording magazine. With a fresh approach, covering both hardware and software recording, the magazine has a huge Method section every month, featuring at least four software tutorials for the likes of Cubase and ProTools, guitar tech features, and pro recording tips for everything from percussion to vocals. Plus of course there's news and reviews of all the new music products. Every issue comes with a CD full of software, samples and tutorial resources. Special educational subscription prices are avaialable.
SmartMusic Studio ( http://www.musiconmypc.co.uk/product_info.php/products_id/53 )
Award-winning unique intelligent accompaniment software that adjusts to your tempo via microphone input. A complete practise system with over 20,000 high quality professional backing tracks in a range of styles. No MIDI required so suitable for wind, string and brass players.
Vivaldistudio - Music scan, Music notation software, digital scores. ( http://www.vivaldistudio.com )
VivaldiStudio is the society leader in Italy for the digital classic music, one combination of notation software, more than 3000 digital interactive score, and a software for the musical scansion. All VivaldiStudio products are releasable and usable free of charge in try-out version (with functions limited).
Band In A Box Pro ( http://www.musiconmypc.co.uk/product_info.php/products_id/36 )
Intelligent accompaniment software. Type in the chords for any song using standard chord notation, or load up a standard MIDI file, choose the style, and Band-in-a-Box generates backing tracks. Unlike backing CD's you get to choose the tempo to suit you - and the song.
Music On My PC ( http://www.musiconmypc.co.uk )
UK online shop with lots of information on choosing and using music software; product reviews; where to start; how to progress.
Igor Engraver ( http://www.noteheads.com )
A high quality music notation programme available to download from the internet for free.
Recording / Sequencer Software ( http://www.articulatemusic.com/recording_sequencing.html )
Audio and MIDI recording software for both home and professional recording. Advanced editing tools and mastering to CD.
Finale Notepad ( www.finalenotepad.com )
'Finale Notepad' is a free downloadable piece of software for students and teachers. It allows you to compose your own music, print your work and even post it onto the Internet automatically. It is very useful for children starting to learn music and has the bonus of being completely free.
Tone Compass ( www.tonecompass.com )
The Tone Compass is a fresh approach to the graphical representation of music theory, transposition and chord structures. It has been designed to explain some of the "mysteries" of how sounds are described, related and how notes fit together to produce the many different styles of music we enjoy today. The Tone Compass works, and provides shortcuts, to help the user understand or demonstrate tonal and harmonic music theory. The Tone Compass package consists of a hand-held, go anywhere device including a fully interactive CD-ROM that can also be downloaded from our web site.
Scripts ( http://www.needscripts.com )
Need Scripts :: One stop Web Development Resource providing reviews and articles.
Garritan Personal Orchestra ( http://www.timespace.com/education/mainpage.asp )
Access the real sounds of every instrument in the orchestra and even control the musical expressiveness of each instrument. Create your own musical ensembles and listen to the combined sound of real instrument sounds before trying compositions out for real. Includes notation and sequencer software programs. Ideal for Key Stage 3, GCSE, A Level and higher education students. Free teacher support resources available. Sign up for our Newsletter at our website, too.
Steinberg ( http://www.steinberg.net )
Website for the company that produces music software including Cubase, Wavelab and B.Box.
Play Guitar ( http://www.mizra.co.il/nl/ftp/guitar_8.exe )
Learn to Play Guitar all by yourself!
Absolute Pitch ( http://www.silvawood.co.uk/pitch-intro.htm )
An easy-to-use musical ear trainer that uses a unique method to help you acquire absolute or perfect pitch. You learn a particular note by listening to a random sequence that includes the note. Whenever the note is played, your aural recognition is reinforced by visual stimuli that serve to connect the sound of the note with its name and position on the piano keyboard. When you are confident you know the note, you can take a test.
Music Teacher's Secretary ( http://www.tibbs-vision.com/vismus )
Music Teacher's Student/business Management Software. Download The full trial (30 day) version on-line
web hosting services ( http://www.hosts2002.com )
Complete Web Hosting Resource.Web hosting domain hosting.
Crotchet Beat ( http://www.andantesoftware.co.uk )
Fun music theory CD-ROM aimed at 7 years upwards, but also suitable for adult beginners. Grade 1 (including version for Alto clef) and Grade 2.
Music Ace ( http://www.articulatemusic.com/harmony_concept_music_theory.html )
Harmony concepts and theory tutorials software to help with ear training, pitch identification and understanding key signatures.
Sibelius Software ( http://www.articulatemusic.com/sibelius_education_prices.html )
Notation software program which allows you to compose, edit and print your scores.
Cubase SX 2.0 ( http://www.articulatemusic.com/steinberg/cubase_sx_academic.html )
The latest upgrade to this fantastic recording studio program.
Sight Reading Challenge by Wieser Software Ltd ( www.wieser.clara.net/lmusic )
A useful program designed to improve note recognition and sight-reading skills.
Piano and Note reading ( http://piano-go.chez.tiscali.fr/indexen.html )
French site (with english translation) with an applet to learn or perfect its music reading
Fractal Tune Smithy ( http://tunesmithy.co.uk )
Makes canons by augmentation as intricate as snowflakes from a musical seed. With the melody making effortless, it's a great resource to explore instrumentation and timbre, and also historical, ethnic and exotic tunings. You can also play in any of the tunings yourself from your music keyboard, and even from the p.c. keyboard, with space bar sustain pedal and mouse scroll wheel as modulation wheel (for vibrato). Play in a historical well temperament, an authentic Gamelan Slendro tuning, an Indian just intonation scale, etc, just by selecting the scale you desire from a drop list. Many other options - fibonacci rhythms which are highly structured but never repeat, mouse theremin,... Discover whole new worlds of music!
Yamaha Electone organ HX series ( http://www.lowlandnarrowboats.com/electone.html )
Web site dedicated to the HX series organ
Cubase Tuition ( www.cubasetuition.com )
one to one cubase tuition from a veteran digital recording education Joe Read
Guitar Basics ( http://www.articulatemusic.com/guitar/basics.html )
20 step by step lessons ranging from stringing your instrument and playing simple chords to strumming techniques, lead you through at your own pace.
Vivaldistudio - Music scan, Music notation software, digital scores. ( http://www.vivaldistudio.com/ )
Vivaldistudio publishes musical notation and scan software. Over 3000 interactive sheets are available.
Musical Monsters ( http://www.q-and-d.co.uk/productsMusicalMonsters1.htm )
Music making tool for children aged 3-7 published by Q&D Multimedia. More music titles to follow soon.
Cubase.net ( http://www.cubase.net )
A site dedicated to music technology, including tips, forums and news from the music technology industry.
Cubase & Wavelab Lessons, UK ( http://www.CubaseLessons.co.uk )
Cubase & Wavelab Lessons, UK Beginner to advanced £15 per hour. Hertfordshire.
Play Guitar: o­ne-on-one guitar instruction ( http://www.musiconmypc.co.uk/product_info.php/products_id/35 )
Whether you're starting to play, picking up your guitar again or looking to sharpen your fundamental skills, Play Guitar with Ross Bolton gives you an incredible new level of intensive one-on-one guitar instruction. The lessons on this CD-ROM proceed step-by-step to teach you to play basic chords and scales. Play the original tunes that follow each lesson and immediately put your skills to use. You'll be playing from the first lesson, and by the last, be looking for more. There are over 70 informative video lessons and excellent demonstrations; learn by following the animated fret board with adjustable tempo; online chord dictionary; also contains music theory videos; great package for children (as well as adults).
Musiced.net- the Music Educators Network ( http://www.musiced.net )
This non-profit organization provides music educators with the ability to create/maintain multimedia online student portfolios and provides free access to a musiced listserv, inexpensive server space,email, and the ability to collaborate with other music teachers.
Music Publisher ( http://www.muspub.com/ )
An engraving and publishing tool for Windows. Instead of imposing its own ideas on the user it allows complete freedom over the printed page. Music Publisher 5 costs £115 (no VAT) including keyboard input and sound output. For an additional £75, a scanning module is also available.
Rose Morris Pro Audio Store ( www.proaudiostore.co.uk )
One of London's leading retailers of pro audio equipment including composition and notation software, microphones, amplifiers, keyboards, headphones, recording equipment, mixers, sequencing software, accessories and much, much more. Need advice on setting up a recording studio in your school, college or university? Professional and expert advice on offer at our store in Denmark Street or by visiting our website. Special discount scheme for students.
Play Guitar ( http://www.mizra.co.il/nl/ftp/guitar_8.exe )
Learn to Play Guitar all by yourself!
Software Partners ( http://www.softpart.co.uk/ )
Software Partners was formed in 1995 to distribute capella Germany's leading music notation software. Other products are being added to our range as we find music or educational software which is value for money and meets real customer needs.
Notation Software ( www.notation.com )
Customize music for your students. Transpose for any voice or instrument. Easily add notes with an electronic keyboard or your computer keyboard. MidiNotate Composer - create musical scores that sound and look great.
Piano Suite Premier:Comprehensive Piano Course ( http://www.musiconmypc.co.uk/product_info.php/products_id/28 )
A comprehensive interactive software piano course for all ages. Learn to play over 500 graded pieces with detailed feedback. Plus: a theory course; composer editor; games; even a history section. Learn from scratch, or hone your skills in a rich environment.
Ear Training Software ( http://www.musiconmypc.co.uk/shop.php/cPath/26 )
A complete range of graded interactive ear training software packages which will help build essential skills for the aural test part of music examinations. Suitable for Associated Board Exams, GCSE and A-Level
www.hwaudio.co.uk ( www.hwaudio.co.uk )
A music store that is dedicated to providing the best advice, service, and value for money. We listen to the opinions of teachers with regard to the quality of instruments. We sell and service the makes that teachers prefer.
Home Concert 2000: Software which follows your tempo ( http://www.musiconmypc.co.uk/product_info.php/products_id/65 )
Home Concert 2000 is unique accompaniment software which adjusts to your tempo and dynamics automatically as you play. Interactive fun for pianists in particular, and also an excellent tool to develop more accurate playing and sight-reading skills. Use with ANY standard MIDI file: comes complete with an excellent selection (including a Mozart Piano Concerto) to get you started.
web hosting services ( http://www.hosts2002.com )
Complete Web Hosting Resource.Web hosting domain hosting.
All Together Now ( http://www.articulatemusic.com )
A unique CD-ROM packed with 12 classroom/big band arrangement scores. (450+ printable masters).Arrangements include at least 30 parts and are flexible for almost any music group. All arrangements include integrated Composing/Listening worksheets & compostional ideas. MIDI Studio - Play along/mute parts/alter tempo. Teachers Notes for each piece
PlayPro Interactive Guitar Method ( http://www.musiconmypc.co.uk/product_info.php/products_id/32 )
A complete interactive guitar tuition package: Learn to play guitar with software (2 cd-roms), 2 audio cds, and a book which follows the same teaching method. The software uses a variety of learning techniques including: virtual fretboard, video instruction and MIDI and audio examples. Software contains a virtual effects rack; over 200 exercises and games and unique comp-u-pare technology. In a world's first you can plug your guitar directly into your soundcard (jack included) and receive feedback on your playing. Interact with text, music, animated tablature, audio, MIDI and video for a complete learning experience.
Portable music software from PocketMusician ( http://www.pocketmusician.co.uk/ )
PocketMusician is developing exciting new software for mobile musicians who use PocketPCs. Check out our Pocket Metronome and Pocket SaxFinger (saxophone fingering software).
Auralia - Ear Training Package ( http://www.articulatemusic.com/ear_training_software_auralia.html )
AURALIA - With 26 topics, is by far the most comprehensive ear training package! Auralia's drill based teaching is a fun and easy way to use your computer for ear training. Auralia leads you through a variety of graded exercises, and presents instant feedback. All of your results are recorded, and you may sing or play your answers using your microphone or MIDI keyboard.
G7 Guitar Tablature Software ( http://www.articulatemusic.com/guitar/tablature.html )
NEW guitar program - G7. Developed to provide an exciting new way for guitarists and songwriters to produce and convert guitar tablature, G7 delivers unparalleled ease-of-use and product features never available before in tab software, and is designed for use with PC or Mac platforms.
Dark Horse Distribution. ( http://www.dark-horse.biz )
Dark Horse Distribution are the exclusive UK distributors for VirSyn Tera and Orion Platinum - Music Production Tools. VirSyn Tera is a unique multi-modulating synth that allows to to faully manipulate it's array of sounds using filters, oscillators, waveform parametres and envelopes. Orion Platinum is an all-in-one virtual music studio that allows you to create musical arrangements with built in sounds, sampler and sequencer at your desposal.
Active Audio Solutions ( http://www.activeaudiosolutions.co.uk )
We build complete Pc systems optimized for music production. All our systems are fully tested before shipping and we offer superb after sales support.
3Wcom ( http://www.3wcom.it/eng/ )
3Wcom Web Solutions - Web Agency produce innovative Web site been renowned technical excellence backed by inspiring creative design and clear strategic thinking. This agency is professional and have many years of experience in web development projects, maintaining successful client relationships through her exclusive active site management programs.
e-Xpressor ( http://www.e-xpressor.com )
e-Xpressor's software is for educating your ear and creating your own music.e-Xpressor RMAM is Auto-accompaniment maker creating ready chord progression to a tune. MIDI Voicer program converts: voice to MIDI in real-time with the best time resolution, wav to MIDI, vocal to ringtone. Recognizes sung notes and transforms it to MIDI score.
metrosonus.com ( http://www.metrosonus.com/ )
Describes and offers Windows based metronome software with many useful features for music educators. Ten free trials are provided.
The Violin Tutor - practice software for Windows ( http://www.theviolintutor.com )
Use your PC to play Scales, Arpeggios, Exercises, Tunes and their Piano Scores. Helps beginner violinists practice. Real violin notes, not just midi. How-to Tune, a Metronome, Music theory, Aural and Note-Reading tests.
Musicianship Basics ( http://www.dragnet.com.au/~donovan/mb/ )
This music education software was designed by music teachers for schools, piano studios and home learning. 60 graded activities cover music theory and ear training for students of any age in their first three years of training.
Glerion - realizzazione siti web - web design - Cosenza - Italy ( http://www.glerion.com )
La Glerion è un'azienda specializzata nella realizzazione di siti web, sistemi di e-commerce, animazioni flash e presentazioni multimediali; realizza applicazioni gestionali personalizzate e fornisce consulenza aziendale nell'ambito delle tecnologie di rete.
eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method ( http://www.musiconmypc.co.uk/product_info.php/products_id/46 )
Piano and Keyboard Method is the easy way to learn to play the piano or electric keyboard at your own pace. Songs and exercises are enhanced by live recorded audio, variable-speed MIDI keyboard tracks and colourful MIDI accompaniments. Interactive review and ear training screens help reinforce new concepts and develop your ear. When used with an electronic MIDI keyboard, you can get specific feedback on playing mistakes, including wrong notes and rhythms. You'll learn how to play and learn a lot about music as well.
Musition 2 - Music Theory Software ( http://www.articulatemusic.com/music_theory_terms.html )
Musition 2 is a comprehensive music theory and fundamentals package for music students of all ages and abilities. Musition's interactive teaching makes learning music theory fun and easy. The structured drills and instant feedback create a stimulating learning environment, enabling students to achieve their maximum potential. Complete with 25 topics and sophisticated record keeping features, Musition 2 is the ultimate music tuition tool!
Sound2Picture - a new, innovative introduction to Sound Design ( www.sound2picture.net )
Sound2Picture is an exciting new resource that introduces sound design to the music curriculum. It contains video and audio material produced by professional artists and extensive teaching notes. Please visit our site and place an order! All money raised will go towards another new product next year.
Basic Music Technology Guides ( http://www.dotdismus.com/browse/dotd_smt.asp )
Essential music resources for teachers, students and school libraries from Sanctuary Publishing. Ideal support for music technology at key stage 3, GCSE and A Level. Clear, straightforward and packed with tips. Great value at only £5.00 each. Special discounts available for schools.

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