Malt Rice Beer

Chinese Rice wine
Miso Paste

We have two excellent beer recipes that can be made using the Malt Rice Kit .

Kome-koji flavoured beer ( 5% alc): suitable for beginners

What you will need

One Kilo (1000gms) of Kome-koji (malt rice)

11 liters of pure water

one packet of Ale yeast

One packet of Hops pellets. (5% alpha acid)



Boil 6 grams of 5% Alpha acid hops( or equivalent) in a saucepan with 500 ml of water for 20 minutes then strain.

Pour 11 liters of pure water into a brewing container, add 1 kilo of Kome koji (maltrice). Add the above mentioned hops liquid and one packet of yeast. The brew should have now a strong distinct hops flavor, this is important in preventing spoilage by unwanted bacteria.

Maintain at around 22c (70F) until all brewing action has finished (usually 3-4 days).

Allow the brew to settle and siphon off the clearer fluid. Add half a teaspoon of sugar to a small 375 ml bottle and fill with the siphoned fluid and cap. Allow some of cloudy material into the bottles as this contains many delicious favours and body.

This beer is a light distinctly favoured beer that is quite different to what is normally available. Add a slice of lemon and it tastes great! other spices and other flavors can be added to create new and exciting flavors. We urge you to be creative.There is not a lot that can go wrong!

Second variation

The 1 kilo of Malt rice is able to convert 3 kilos of steamed rice to fermentable sugars: The strength of the brew can be increased by adding more additions of steamed rice at times when yeast activity starts to weaken due to the lack of remaining fermentable sugars.